• The great dream.

    Here comes the great dream.
    With gentle smile in her lips,
    Without any hesitation,
    With no trace of fear,

    Here comes the great dream.
    As spreading her wings,
    Over the rainbow
    She will write a poem of Nature.
    Here comes the great dream.


  • Tea pot of love.

    It would be an absolute happiness.

    If we could drink a cup of tea with this

    beautiful tea pot of love , telling about the art

    with our life long friend ...

    One winter night...

    Looking outside the window

    with moon light of chilly wind.


  • In my heart.

    In my heart

    Deep in my heart...

    Spirit of Nature holds my soul...

    Wherever I go , she could fill my soul.


  • Memory of yellow sea.

    With blueish yellowish mixture of color,

    This outstanding work shows us the

    immortality of ceramic art.


  • Soft power of Nature

    The Nature has an enormous power in her deepest heart.
    Some times it could be a destructive hand.
    But the most beautiful one is that of love.

    Like a lullaby of mother goddess,
    Like a breeze over the snow capped mountain

    She embraces us with softness.
    Soft power of Nature is a leading philosophy in

    Mr.Yang's ceramic art.


  • Memory of korean workers.

    There were so many fire workers in Korea,

    who fired woods for kiln.

    They are nameless workers.

    Though they are anonymous,

    Seung ho Yang never want to forget

    their great efforts.

    Thanks for them, he puts this title.


  • Sound of Heaven

    Sound of Heaven comes early in the morning .

    Before dawn ,

    under the tree

    As birds singing

    It brings a transparent message of God to us.


  • A certain smile

    A certain smile taps my shoulder...

    A certain smile knocks my door...

    Is that you, Spring?


  • Only one wish:' I pray that i have my Ni

      Emerging from the deep-rooted of Korean literature, is a symbolic metaphor of the Korean word "Nim' , which can be observed in the work of "Only one wish : I pray that I have my Nim ". What is this idea of Nim ? In the ethos of Korean culture, Nim represents a supreme being of love, Saviour, of Absolute One. Seungho Yang tried to express such an earnest wish that this " Nim" would appear with his own humble and moving , Korean interpretation.

      -Moon Kang -


  • Chant of life

    Chant of life comes softly.

    Chant of life stays sweetly.

    Gently, lovely, preciously

    Chant of life sings of love.


  • Longing for Eternity

    Longing for Eternity...

    We should clear out the contents of desire.

    Is it possible without an art?


  • Golden finger in detail.

    Is this God's hand?

    Golden finger is melt down on this amazing master piece.

    With this unexpected result, we can't stop loving it.


  • Mountain hills.

    On a mountain hills ,

    can you imagine your own mountain?

    With gentle breeze in spring time we can draw our own's.


  • Song of the Earth

    Song of the Earth comes from this piece.

    Like a song of a bird...

    Picturesque beautiful song...

    Comes from this piece.


  • A time for tea.

    A time for tea is a feeling of joy.

    Beyond our boundary ,

    A time for tea is ... a enjoying

    Happiness with an old friend.


  • Old story

    Old story is going on...

    Once there was a love...

    Deeper than any ocean...


  • Mind for Heaven.

    In this piece with some rhyme of pattern,

    we can open our mind for Heaven.


  • A shell of mind.

    A shell of mind ...

    Will never try to show us it's immeasurable

    depth, without any reason.

    But those who loves its impeccable nature

    Will let you know how deep it is...

    An aesthetic approach to express it,

    Seems like an abstract pathway.

    In this remarkable piece,

    we can feel the sense of sensibility.


  • Dance of the sea

    On this beautiful pattern

    we can feel the dance of the sea.

    Sometimes it seems like a huge wave,

    with a lonesome melody.


  • Memory of tree.

    Memory of Tree

    Filled my

    Memory of childhood.



    Playing with our friends...

    Memory of Tree

    Filled my dream.


  • Rock on ceramic

    Rock on ceramic makes me wonder.

    With it's rosy-pink color,

    How beautiful it is!


  • Tiny forest

    Tiny forest is there...

    With green leaves


  • A poetry of pine tree.

    A time for love...

    A time to think the world...

    A time to love this pine tree...

    Beyond all of these

    There stands a pine tree

    With a beautiful poesy in her mind.


  • Sound of the waves.

    Like a legendary , unforgettable sound of the waves...

    This wonderful master piece captivates us ...

    With these traces of shells on it's surface,

    This beautiful work takes our breaths away.

    Who could try to attempt this amazing idea?

    The wonderful ceramic art harmonized with sound of the waves.


  • Zarara Zarara.

    Zarara is a korean word.

    It means " Grow ! Grow up ! "

    You can see that a plant is growing inside a crack of this ceramic work.

    Surprisingly this little plant shows us it's wonderful power of life.

    Nature is such an amazing poetry.

    Seung ho Yang tells us the Nature"s beauty like wise.


  • A poem of wild orchid.

    Far east, a wild orchid is a symbol of the scholar.

    Though they were very poor, their soul always tried to seek a transcendental world.

    For this reason, a wild orchid had been a very popular theme for art and literature.


  • Memory of sea.

    Under the sea what had been done?

    With it's long memory of time ,
    It could be a treasure of sea.


  • The beauty of Emental.2

    With fantastic rhythm...

    And with it"s beautiful line
    It takes my breath away...


  • Tree of life.

    You may say that Tree of life is unreal,

    abstract tree.

    But for Seung ho Yang , all those trees

    in the nature are literally Tree of life.

    Because for him , the Tree means the Life itself.


  • Tiny ,little garden in my life.

    Tiny, little garden in my life makes us happy.

    It reminds us a very cute paradise.


  • Dance of the tree. 2

    As a dance of the tree...

    This beautiful tree captivates us.

    We couldn't find a word to fit this amazing art.


  • Dance of the tree.

    Looking at this beautiful line of branch...

    We can imagine a dance of the tree.

    It reminds us the most beautiful fantasy.


  • The beauty of Emental.

    As a gardener, Seung ho Yang put some beautiful tree in his pot.

    We couldn't close our eyes before this beauty.

    I t's a perfact harmony of Nature

    and Ceramic art.


  • A tale of mud shell 3 in detail.



  • A tale of mud shell 3

    More than 3 years, Seung ho Yang kept his ceramics in the field of mud on the sea shore.

    There , verious shells settled down on the surface of ceramic art as their residences.

    What a beautiful poem it is...


  • A tale of mud shell.2

    What kind of tale does this ceramic want to say?

    We can guess it's marvelous story on the theme of yellow sea.


  • A tale of mud shell.

    Like a tale of magic world,

    This beautiful ceramic with mud shell makes us wonder.


  • A garden of Montigny.

    In Montigny, France, Seung ho Yang has a beautiful garden.

    As his nick name " Gardener- potter" goes,

    he is a perfect gardener artist.

    Not because he is a gardener, but because

    he is an artist.

    The most happiest moment is

    to enjoy those art

    in his garden in summer festival.


  • A tree of our home land.

    A tree of our home land

    smiles like a sunshine

    in the morning...

    on the way to school or

    on the way back to home

    It smiles like a moon

    early in the evening...


  • Conception


  • House of fire .

    You may see the dance of fire,

    In the house of fire.

    Kiln is such a marvelous place.


  • Once there was a basket.

    Once there was a basket prettier

    than any basket.

    So all the girls wanted to play

    with this in their arms

    from morning till night.


  • French basket.

    With long handle, tall and voluminous...


  • Unintended whisper

    Unintended whisper in Kiln presents us

    Unexpected smiles.


  • Basket in home town.

    What do you want to put in this basket?

    According to one"s hobby or opinion,

    It could be different...

    If someone ask me that...

    I will answer ' Flowers! '.


  • Basket in Montigny in detail.

    You may compare this side and the other side.


  • Basket in my life in detail

    The other side of basket.


  • Natural...

    Natural... so Natural...

    This natural ceramic art fills our senses.


  • Basket in my life.

    Basket in my life wants to sing a song...

    Song of our childhood...

    Melody in my pocket.


  • Play of fire...

    Nobody knows...

    How the play of fire would be...

    No one knows...

    How the play of light could be...

    Only the fire itself would let you know.


  • Melody of fire

    Like a poetry in kiln

    Melody of fire created this smile.


  • Basket in Montigny.

    In Montigny , time is melting down in the basket.

    It didn't pass or fly... Like a summer breeze,

    It just tapped and touched our heart...

    Then it"s just melting down,

    In the basket.


  • Antique chest.

    Is this for precious item?

    Is this for letters received from

    Immortal beloved?


  • Traces of ...

    Traces of some material makes us wonder.

    With this unexpected result , finally ...

    Creating some precious melody...

    Traces of some memories makes us wonder.


  • Memory of winnowing.

    One of our memories of childhood...

    Winnowing of our mother was so poetic.


  • Basket ceramic 4


  • Basket ceramic 3


  • Basket ceramic 2


  • Basket ceramic 1


  • The great Soul

    Our planet opens up and crown itself with roots,

    a mountain maze it sows as paths emerge.

    We tumble through it"s many veins,and through

    the ridges differ in their scale,

    all find culmination.

    Edging out to peer behind, these fissures

    usher the burned land to its return.


  • Reflection of Nature.

    Thinking of the Nature...

    Seungho Yang presents this work.

    He shows us the oneness of different dimension.

    So to speak , he tried to represent

    the harmonization between

    the softness of the earth

    and hardness of the iron thorn.

    As if to reflect the nature of Nature.


  • Forever more

    Forever more

    we should keep this land.


  • Harmony with Nature

    The generous Nature always embraces

    every thing.

    Even a hurt that is inlaid in her mind.

    Therefore , we human being should

    preserve her safely.

    Because this precious Nature is

    our resources that should be handed down

    to our next generation.

    Nowadays we should resolve the problem

    of the air pollution, oil pollution,

    radioactive contamination,environmental

    pollution, etc.

    The best solution is that

    to change our way of thinking.

    To keep our mind in harmony with Nature...

    Is the best solution.


  • Symphony of Nature

    We couldn't exist without our nature.

    That's why we symbolize her as our mother.

    She nourished us, cherished us.

    Seung ho Yang leaves us the massage

    That how important nature was...

    Though the human being hurts her...

    She receives us with great generosity.

    We should keep our nature beautifully.

    As we're listening to the Symphony of nature.


  • Timeless Urn

    Metaphor of Timeless, limitless is

    an abstract expression. How could an artist

    approach to represent it? There are so many ways.

    In this case Seung ho Yang try to use repeating circles.

    In general circle symbolizes an eternity.


  • Pyramid

    Pyramid on this master piece attracts our attention.

    To symbolize the power of Universe...

    Seung ho Yang put this shape on his work.

    We could read this SYMBOL ,

    With a kind of metaphor.


  • Family reunion.

    Thorny iron wire reminds Korean 

    the division of

    north Korea and south Korea.

    What a pathetic sad word !

    Though Korean is one race cultivated

    in the same philosophy,

    Some political sad history let their country

    divided into 2 different ones.

    People who were separated with their family

    because of the division,always dreams

    about their family reunion in their life time.

    Seung ho Yang want to show us

    the massage of family reunion.


  • Cocoon in harmony.

      A larva yarns thread from its own body to build a chamber to live in and transforms into a completely different form. The transformed larva flies away from the earthly home into the heavenly orbit towards a new dimension of freedom.  The metamorphosis of a larva symbolizes the life of an artist who is always longing for the absolute freedom through his creating art.  Seungho Yang represents his aesthetic like this with his own way.

     - Moon Kang-


  • Universal energy, Legendary...

    Words can't explain this wonderful master piece.


  • Cocoon in Swiss

    With these repeat of cycles...

    Never-ending story will be continued...


  • Spiritual Dream

    One of these beautiful days...

    We might collect our spiritual dream.

    In my heart, in my soul...

    It will be an guide angel

    Rest of our life.


  • For the good time.

    If we could do something for the good time,

    How wonderful ~~

    If we could create something special

    For the good time

    How beautiful~~


  • Tale of forest.

    This extraordinary, outstanding piece is

    created in Swiss Naori . With coral pink and

    beautiful curved brown branch on top,

    It could overwhelm our heart.


  • Rhapsody in Swiss

    In the Nature

    With happy memory...

    You may remind in your heart

    T he most beautiful...

    Rhapsody in Swiss.


  • Resonance of Nature

    Based on the philosophy of Spirit of Nature,

    Seung ho Yang harmonized his art with Nature.

    What a wonderful idea!


  • Sympathy with Nature.

    We can share our feeling with Nature.

    If we think her as our sibling... or family

    It would be much better to share our emotion.

    Sympathy with Nature is possible

    When we are ready to love her...


  • Cosmic cycle

    We have a cycle in many ways.

    Annual cycle, monthly cycle...

    Beyond all of these cycles...

    Can we imagine the absolute law & order?


  • Universal energy, Ka in detail

    Beyond the eternity...

    Beyond the human bondage,

    What would be done?

    To quench our thirsty for Absolutism,

    To achieve our ideal goal,

    What shall we do now?


  • Border line 3.8.

    Beyond this thorny line...

    What will be will be...

    Beyond our political ideology

    What will be will be...

    Beyond this cruel line...

    What a beautiful wild orchid...

    Beyond our cold mind

    She try to settle down

    With her everlasting love.